Alumni Meet 2007

The much awaited DOMCA alumni meet for year 2007 will happen in a weeks time. Elaborate preparation for the event is underway.

Check the invitation.

Alumni Meet 2007 Invitation



This is a article which appeared in wikipedia quite some time back. It was deleted later. Now it’s published here again.  

Department of Mathematics and Computer Applications (PSG Tech)
Department of Mathematics and Computer Applications or other wise known as DOMCA is a non-engineering service department started to service engineering students in PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Mission of DOMCA
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Applications is committed to develop quality Information Technology students, by providing concept oriented subject knowledge through high quality teaching supplemented with practical training. Apart from specialized knowledge and skills, the programmes conducted by the Department aim to develop all round personality by inculcating values of honesty, sincerity, team spirit and work culture.
Currently Prof Dr. R. Nadarajan is the head of the department. The department works predominantly for catering the needs of students who have subjects from mathematics and computer applications.

Time line
1951 – Department started with 3 faculty.
1975 – M.Sc (Applied sciences) in Applied mathematics started.
1983 – Masters in Computer Applications started.
1989 – Research programs Ph.D and M.Phil introduced.
1997 – M.Sc (Software Engineering), five year integarated course started.
2007-M.Sc (Theoritical Computer Science)

Courses offered
The department is offering three courses.

M.Sc (AM) Applied mathematics.
MCA Computer applications.
M.Sc (SE) Software engineering.
M.Sc (TCS) theoritical Computer Science
M.Sc (AM) is a two year course with emphasis equally on mathematics and computer applications. Students with B. Sc degree in mathematics and applied sciences are allowed for the course. MCA is a three year course, and students are elligeble as per Tamilnadu government policies. M.Sc (SE) is an integarated five year course. Students are admitted into this course after completing higher secondary second year through personal interview.

Departmental activities
DOMCA conducts both technical and non-technical events. National Conference on Mathematical and Computing Models (NCMCM) is a national level technical conference organised for paper presentation. Login is a national level event open for students to exhibit their talents. Thiran is an intra college event.

NCMCM 2007
Main article: NCMCM
The NCMCM 2007 is the fourth in the series of conference to provide a timely forum for the exchange and dissemination of new ideas and techniques among the researchers in the various fields of Mathematical and Computational Models. It is organised to br held at December 13- 15, 2007.
Faculty details
Partial list of the faculty list is listed here together with their area of specialisation.

Dr. R. Nadarajan M.Sc., Ph.D. Object Computing, Queueing Theory, Data Mining
Dr. R. Arumuganathan M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Number Theory, Queueing Theory, Quantitative Techniques.
Dr. R. Anitha M.Sc., M.Phil. Ph.D. Graph Theory, Theoretical Computer Science, Queueing Theory.
Dr. G.A. Vijayalakshmi Pai M.Sc., M.Phil. Ph.D. Soft Computing, Compiler Design, Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Ms. N. Geetha M.C.A. UNIX, DBMS, Soft Computing, Data Structures, Data Mining.
Dr. A. Sankar M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.Object Oriented Software Engineering, Interconnection Networks.
Dr. G. Arulmozhi M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Quantitative Techniques, Applied Statistics, Reliability Theory.
Mr. S. Sankarappan M.Sc., M.Phil. Applied Mathematics, Numerical Methods, Statistics.
Dr. R. Manavalan M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Component based Software Engineering, Software Frameworks, Client/Server Computing.
Dr. G. Sai Sundara Krishnan M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, General Topology.

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